About Our Hygiene Protocols

In all our rooms we have implemented health and hygiene protocols to guarantee total tranquility during your stay with us.


We have developed a comprehensive and improved cleaning and sanitation plan consisting of additional precautionary measures in all aspects of the guest experience and our team members.



  • Strict disinfection protocols are used to clean rooms.

  • Complete sanitation of the rooms after each departure.

  • Masks and gloves are provided to cleaning and maintenance teams.


Common areas:

  • We have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and disinfection of all common and public spaces.

  • We have implemented dedicated special measures for high contact surfaces such as:

    • Room keys and locks

    • Rest areas.

    • Pool chairs and more.


                           CDC Requires COVID-19 Test From Air Passengers Entering The U.S.                         

In regards to the new CDC travel restrictions recently to get a COVID-19 test within 3 days of returning to the US, we have access to several options for our guests, Isla Mujeres has laboratory offices that offer the accepted COVID-19 test, as well as two doctors that will do "house calls" to the hotel to test the guests.

The cost per person is approximately $100 usd.

We will be helping all our guests to gain access to the test on time for their departure to the USA.

See you soon!